Feeling All Alone

Posted by LACEY KRAMER on

I am alone. 

I may be surrounded by people, family, friends, but I am alone.  I am my only cheerleader.  I am my support, my celebration, my worst enemy.  I shed a lot of tears thinking about writing this.   

Is it that everyone is busy and assumes I know that they are happy for me?  Proud of me?         I hope so.

I do everything I can to support others.  I know small business is no small task.  Female entrepreneurs already have an uphill battle.  Lift each other up.  Help each other out.  Don't be selfish.  DON'T BE SELFISH! 

Say 'Thank you.'

Say 'Great job today.'

Say 'Thank you' again.

It's easier said than done, but starting today, I am my focus.  My business.  My family.  My success.  




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